February 6, 2010

Classified Ad I

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I am a man in 50s and I want to have an easy-going relationship with an woman who has optimistic personality(I don’t mind about the age). E-mail me if you are interested.


This is an ad I’ve found in Korean Times they publish in Chicago. What ‘s so interesting about this ad is that someone’s looking for his future wife through a NEWSPAPER in TWO SENTENCES. It was the first time for me to see an classified ad like this. So it was even more funny. And the other thing is.. they spelled a word wrong in the first sentence. To give you metaphor… they spelled “know” like “no”… It’s not a good example though.. it should be more hilarious…bad translation.. Anyways, if Koreans see this ad, they would definitely laugh aloud.

I think this ad represents a part of… Korean culture, because there are still many many people who get married by arrangements(by their parents) or ads(saying “looking for an woman from Vietnam or like middle-East”). Almost everyone used to get married with someone he or she doesn’t even know or has never even met before, back in old days… but it’s still happening in a part of world… I don’t think it ever happens in the United States or any other Western countries. Does it?

p.s. BAD GRAMMAR…. I agree.. Sorry about that. I am just so tired right now…LOL


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