November 4, 2009

collection- Guggenheim Museum in NYC

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Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my most inspiring architects. This Guggenheim Museum itself and also the exhibition of Frank L. Wright in the museum were the motivation when I visited in this summer. If you stand in the center of this architecture, you would be able to see high spiral lines around you. I felt like the curved pathways were holding or protecting me tightly. Moreover, it was interesting and novel experience to go around the museum and appreciate Wright’s works along the spiral ways. Frank Lloyd Wright’s pieces, themselves, were the most motivative and attractive part of it. Since it was my first time to meet with analogue architecture drawings, and of course Wright was the great influential Architect of the 20th century, I was so obsessed with and surprised by colors and designs that I couldn’t believe that they were all built in early years of the 20th C.


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