October 31, 2009

collection-U.K. VI

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:26 pm by jini0326a

london tower

I had almost no memory of this until I found this postcard. At first, I thought “where did it come from?”, but this old memory came back as I kept looking at it and wondering. A crown that I used to see only in cartoons appear in the reality, so I was so surprised. I’d seen Asian crowns for several times before, but it was the first time seeing a Western crown in face. I really thought that it popped out of a old Western fairy tale at that time. Anyways, it is still miraculous that sometimes unexpected memories just appear in brain all the sudden. Facing some object, brain tells you what it is or was to you. It sounds obvious, but in a case like this, when a person remember something that haven’t, you can tell that people’s inner world is still mysterious, can’t be identified with science.


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