February 6, 2010

Classified Ad I

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I am a man in 50s and I want to have an easy-going relationship with an woman who has optimistic personality(I don’t mind about the age). E-mail me if you are interested.


This is an ad I’ve found in Korean Times they publish in Chicago. What ‘s so interesting about this ad is that someone’s looking for his future wife through a NEWSPAPER in TWO SENTENCES. It was the first time for me to see an classified ad like this. So it was even more funny. And the other thing is.. they spelled a word wrong in the first sentence. To give you metaphor… they spelled “know” like “no”… It’s not a good example though.. it should be more hilarious…bad translation.. Anyways, if Koreans see this ad, they would definitely laugh aloud.

I think this ad represents a part of… Korean culture, because there are still many many people who get married by arrangements(by their parents) or ads(saying “looking for an woman from Vietnam or like middle-East”). Almost everyone used to get married with someone he or she doesn’t even know or has never even met before, back in old days… but it’s still happening in a part of world… I don’t think it ever happens in the United States or any other Western countries. Does it?

p.s. BAD GRAMMAR…. I agree.. Sorry about that. I am just so tired right now…LOL


November 4, 2009

collection- Guggenheim Museum in NYC

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Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my most inspiring architects. This Guggenheim Museum itself and also the exhibition of Frank L. Wright in the museum were the motivation when I visited in this summer. If you stand in the center of this architecture, you would be able to see high spiral lines around you. I felt like the curved pathways were holding or protecting me tightly. Moreover, it was interesting and novel experience to go around the museum and appreciate Wright’s works along the spiral ways. Frank Lloyd Wright’s pieces, themselves, were the most motivative and attractive part of it. Since it was my first time to meet with analogue architecture drawings, and of course Wright was the great influential Architect of the 20th century, I was so obsessed with and surprised by colors and designs that I couldn’t believe that they were all built in early years of the 20th C.

collection – South Korea, Art Exhibition II

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james tissot

Splendid, bright, warm, vibrant, elaborate, elegant, floral, feminine, wealthy, and ornamental etc. You can describe this piece, La Bal (James Tissot, 1878), with hundreds of words. It is one of the favorite masterpieces that I had a great impression at the first moment after I started to study art. I don’t exactly remember which exhibition it was but all I can clearly recall is this painting. I stopped for a while, standing in front of  it, truly obsessed. And it was lucky that there was postcards of this at the gift store. I am so afraid to write anything on it and send it to someone. I’m keeping this in a container which is deeply hidden in a drawer of my room.

November 2, 2009

collection – South Korea, Art Exhibition I

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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday when I went to the Korean ancient palace for the exhibition. I’d been visiting the museum in the palace since I was little. I’d seen tons of art exhibitions there. It was always  different every time I went there and saw pieces. At this time, in Winter of 2007, the collection was called “jean dubuffet retropective” in French. Since it was my first year focusing on studying of art and also the first time visiting the exhibition since I started art, my eyes were more open and wide than before. Before this, I’d seen typical European oil paintings mostly and when I saw drawings like this sometimes, I always  had thought of them not well-drawn. However, I could see why this artist’s works were shipped all the way from Europe to Asia and why it’s displayed on a wall at one of the most famous art museums in Korea. Art isn’t just about skills, it’s about inspiration and sense of souls.

collection – U.K. VI

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Like I mentioned below, I don’t remember particular rooms from particular castles. So I didn’t know where this was from until I saw the back where it says the name of castle on it. Then I realized where it was since I did a drawing of the castle in a sketchbook, the Windsor Castle. So I definitely remembered the exterior view of the castle. But this photo felt still different since it didn’t go with the exterior in my memory. People remember and recognize things in different points of view, which are completely in their own. That’s why conflicts occur but it’s also why the betters and more perfects are built up.

October 31, 2009

collection- U.K.VII

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“Views of European rooms came out of dollhouses.” That was the first thought of an eight-year old girl when she saw hundreds of rooms at hundreds of different castles. They all remained as a whole thing in my mind. So I couldn’t really tell which place this was at first. After I found out where it was I still couldn’t remember anything about the castle but just the name. “Warwick castle.” However, I am sure that was kind of a beginning point of stepping into the interior world.

collection-U.K. VI

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london tower

I had almost no memory of this until I found this postcard. At first, I thought “where did it come from?”, but this old memory came back as I kept looking at it and wondering. A crown that I used to see only in cartoons appear in the reality, so I was so surprised. I’d seen Asian crowns for several times before, but it was the first time seeing a Western crown in face. I really thought that it popped out of a old Western fairy tale at that time. Anyways, it is still miraculous that sometimes unexpected memories just appear in brain all the sudden. Facing some object, brain tells you what it is or was to you. It sounds obvious, but in a case like this, when a person remember something that haven’t, you can tell that people’s inner world is still mysterious, can’t be identified with science.

October 27, 2009

collection- U.K. III (1997)

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I still have a drawing journal of Europe in my room at home. One of pictures is colored with various bright colors of crayons. It is the one I had drawn at Shakespeare’s Birthplace, sitting on the ground in front of the house. I remember how I had difficulties to get details of the splendid garden full of flowers but was full of joy and excitement. I really liked art since I was a child. And that was a part of catalysts that brought me to the school, SAIC.

October 26, 2009

collection- U.K. II (1997)

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This is where I used to take walks with my mother when I was living in Norwich, England for two months. Even though I was so young and it was just a while, the scene still rings in my heart clearly. I loved to walk through the path where beautiful and fancy houses were standing. I’ve never been to a place like this anywhere in the world later. To an eight-year-old girl, it felt as if I was in a picture of a fairy tale. I wish to visit here again  sometime later in my life as an artist. Who knows if I build or design a house in England in the future?

October 24, 2009

collection- Disneyland II (1991)

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This is another postcard my mother bought me in Disneyland. In the video, I looked very exciting and enjoying a dolphin show. When I watched it as an older child, it was still interesting and surprising to see the show. And I am twenty years old now, just loving dolphins SO MUCH. To me, they are just like human beings, actually more human than real human beings, the way they talk, move, eat and love.

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